This Windows program will allow you to export your WebOS contacts to a .csv file for importing into another program/service. To use this, you will need to copy the PalmDatabase.db3 file (located in /var/luna/data/dbdata/), which contains your contacts, from your device. This can be done via WinSCP if you have installed an SSH service on your device, WebOS Quick Install (Tools -> Receive File), or you could use a Preware application such as internalz (recommended if the Quick Install method gives you a corrupt database file).

For advanced users, you can select the custom export format to export all of the data in Palm's contact database. Click here to display the custom export output format details.

The program generates a .csv file containing a number of columns which will depend on the amount of data you have provided for your contacts. For example, if you have a contact with four e-mail addresses, the generated .csv file will have four e-mail columns. Here is an example of the columns from an exported file (using the custom file format):

person_id, firstName, middleName, lastName, companyName, jobTitle, birthday, notes, Work Address, Home Phone, Home Phone 2, Work Phone, Other Phone, Mobile Phone, Mobile Phone 2, Mobile Phone 3, Mobile Phone 4, Pager, Fax, Main Phone, Email, Email 2, Email 3, aol IM, gmail IM, Unknown IM, yahoo IM, URL, URL 2, URL 3

The generated .csv file contains comma-separated quoted fields, which can be imported into a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, for further processing. The file is sorted by person_id, which is used by WebOS to link multiple records to a single contact (a.k.a. "Synergy"). Two records withthe same person_id will tell you that the two records are linked.

Most users will want to use the default export format, which will export your data in the Gmail format. Use this option if you intend to import your data to Gmail. This will allow you to bring all of your entered data into Gmail (even non-Gmail fields, such as spouse and children, are imported as custom fields), with all of your data in the proper fields. The default option for exporting to the Gmail format will only export Palm Profile contacts. This is generally desired, since you don't want to export data from your other online profiles (e.g. IM, Facebook). You can override this default behavior be deselecting the "Export Palm Profile contacts only" checkbox.

Palm contact --> Application window --> sample gmail import

The current version is 1.5. This is a Windows program, but it will run under Wine on Linux.




Removing duplicates:

If you just import your existing contacts into Gmail, you will end up with duplicate contacts (one for your Palm account and one for your Gmail account). To fix this, you will need to delete your Palm Profile contacts. To do this, you will need access to a shell prompt on your device. You can install the Terminal app or use SSH (if you rooted your Pre). Once you have access, you can run this shell script, which will delete your local Palm Profile contacts.

  1. close all open cards on the Pre
  2. copy deletePalmContacts.sh to the device (let's say you put it in /media/internal, which is the root directory in USB Drive mode)
  3. get to the command/shell prompt
  4. type "sh /media/internal/deletePalmContacts.sh"

    You should see:
    Removing Palm Profile contacts...

    If you get any errors (e.g. database is locked), just re-run the script after a few seconds.
  5. Wait a few minutes for WebOS to pick up the changes
  6. [optional] delete the deletePalmContacts.sh file

If you want to delete ALL of your contacts (e.g. you don't want to keep your IM or facebook contacts), just use this deleteAllContacts.sh script instead.

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